Smylers Smylers at
Mon May 7 11:14:31 BST 2007

Nicholas Clark writes:

> On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 06:12:48AM +0100, David Cantrell wrote:
> > Been bitten by that before.  I'll turn down free hosting as
> What's the catch? "Oh, you have broadband. You can fix this from home?"
> and you're now considered to be on call?

Possibly having something you regularly use in your personal life
provided by your employer can tie you in, and make it awkward to quit,
or at least hard to do so without a break in service?

> It's also unclear how free lunch *isn't* a taxable benefit within the

The last time I looked at this (several years ago), I remember the law
being that a company is allowed to provide subsidised/free food for
employees so long as it offers that to all employees, not picking out
particular ones who benefit.


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