Bob Walker bob at
Mon May 7 11:36:36 BST 2007

On Mon, 7 May 2007, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 06:12:48AM +0100, David Cantrell wrote:
>> On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 11:48:04PM +0100, Paul Makepeace wrote:
>> No thanks.  Been bitten by that before.  I'll turn down free hosting as
> What's the catch? "Oh, you have broadband. You can fix this from home?"
> and you're now considered to be on call?

Theres that and the fact that most employers get upset if you use your 
company provided broadband to do illegal things. ;)
Since if you were RIAA who would you prefer to sue?

Bob Walker
For great beery Justice!

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