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Wed May 9 12:01:41 BST 2007

Peter Corlett wrote:
> That doesn't really help, as I don't have a degree, and Google seem to be in
> that group of short-sighted employers who insist on one. Never mind if the
> degree was obtained by keeping a seat warm for three years in a diploma
> mill. If they've got that bit of paper, they're better than somebody without
> one who has been actually doing the job for ten years.
Then get a degree. I spent many years cursing employers who would not 
even grant me an interview despite having ten years experience with 
financial systems at that point. So I got a Ba in Artificial 
Intelligence (which we all know is completely useless) at the age of 31 
and suddenly people would interview me. However at that point I got 
married and had no intention of returning to work on financial systems 
and preferred to work in Brighton.

I really enjoyed my time at Uni (breakdown and therapy not withstanding :) )

Peter Hickman.

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