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On 9 May 2007, at 11:15, Toby Corkindale wrote:

> Peter Corlett wrote:
>> On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 01:26:40AM +0100, David Wright wrote:
>> [...]
>> That doesn't really help, as I don't have a degree, and Google  
>> seem to be in
>> that group of short-sighted employers who insist on one. Never  
>> mind if the
>> degree was obtained by keeping a seat warm for three years in a  
>> diploma
>> mill. If they've got that bit of paper, they're better than  
>> somebody without
>> one who has been actually doing the job for ten years.
> I'm not sure about that - Google called me out of the blue, and  
> after a
> bunch of phone interviews flew me over to Dublin for more - I never  
> sent
> them my CV, so I presume they either found it on the net, or were just
> headhunting everyone who has a few CPAN modules or something.
> I don't have a degree, so either they made a mistake, or didn't care.

I got flown to SF for the "director of site reliability" gig in Dublin.
Didn't get it then, they reapproached me last year when I'd just started
at Venda.

I only recently completely a "University Certificate in Combined  
at Bath.

I have some regrets about not tiding over the 2001-2004 period by  
going back
to Uni and doing something interesting and non-computer related, but  
an MA in photography in my sights when the thing in Holland finishes.

YMMV etc.

> (Unfortunately I didn't make the grade and wasn't offered a dev job. I
> feel I interviewed very badly in Dublin - I had 3 hours sleep before
> getting up to get to the airport, and forgot to get any proper  
> breakfast
> in the rush.)

So apply again.
Dave Hodgkinson - Music photography

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