Your very own server

Paul Makepeace paulm at
Thu May 31 01:47:20 BST 2007

I have a fast Debian server in Telehouse on a fast line and I'd like
it to let it be loved by someone new. It's all set up and ready to go,
I'd pass over root permission, monthly contract, and you'd be the
master of the /home and beyond. It's an Intel midi-tower, 1GB RAM,
about three years old, three disks, two configured in hardware RAID,
super reliable altho the NIC could probably use a replacement (for
reasons I can explain to any interested parties). Monthly contract is
50quid/month (paid to another friendly'er) for
all-you-can-leech bandwidth. I'm not sure if it's burst-capped but
I've seen it go /very/ fast off-LAN, so I'm assuming 100Mbps.

You can have the machine for couple hundred quid, obo.


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