Is it just me?

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Jul 4 20:12:20 BST 2007

The older I get the more intolerant I become of wasting precious cycles 
either a) doing really stupid things that clients want or b) giving a 
shit about the quality of things when it turns out the client doesn't 
much care.

Case in point: client has front trotters and snout firmly hooked into 
the public trough. Client is receiving presumably substantial pile of 
cash from public purse to build insultingly crap online consultation system.

Client: "I know it's not due until next week but can we show the client 
something today"
Me: "Sure, all I really have to do is work out some wrinkles that are 
specific to Safari"
Client: "In that case you're done - we're not paid to support mickey 
mouse alternative browsers"

Well actually yes you fucking are. You're being paid to produce an open, 
accessible public consultation system. Admittedly it's so horribly 
misconceived that nobody will want to use it anyway[1] but let's at 
least show willing eh?

It'd be excessively arrogant (and commercially suicidal) to say "I 
haven't spent the best years of my life getting as smart as I could with 
the limited cerebral resources at my disposal just to dance like a 
fucking fool on a stick to your moronic whims" right? :)

[1] Client: "How many concurrent users do you think it'll support"
     Me thinks: "That's highly unlikely to be an issue"

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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