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Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 26 Jul 2007, at 17:33, Peter Hickman wrote:
> [...]
>> How about "here's a problem, solve it"?
> Ah, la-la land.
> Actually, I lie, I did once get a job like that. It was 2000, and 
> given that the more or less unmodified site is still running some 
> seven years on, I guess I must have done a reasonably good job of it.

I've actually has a few jobs just like this, some of them were even in 
Perl. I once had 2 years to redevelop an EPOS back end but it got canned 
when another project screwed up big time and the board went on an 
outsourcing frenzy.

> So, how do you create an interesting Perl job? Well, actually having 
> some Perl in it would be a fine start...

Anything that involves less charts can only be a good thing. Death by 
UML anyone?

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