"So the SOAP "stack" is a mess...

Ovid publiustemp-londonpm at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 08:59:57 BST 2007

--- David Cantrell <david at cantrell.org.uk> wrote:

> No, and I can say that confidently without even looking, because
> there
> are only three types of people who choose Microsoft "technology". 
> They
> are those who are stupid, those who are ignorant, and those who are
> malicious.

And there's one type of person who will cheerfully stereotype without
considering that maybe, just maybe, the world doesn't fit his narrow
worldview.  I'll leave it up to you to figure out what that type might
be :)

> None of them will repeatedly produce anything useful.  If
> they *have* produced anything useful it was entirely by accident and
> they can't repeat it reliably.

Wrong.  Thank you for playing.  We have wonderful consolation prizes
for you. 

On the other hand, if you meant this to be a an example of over-the-top
sarcasm, it would make more sense but you forgot the smiley.

As for Microsoft, I don't particularly care for the *company*, but
there are some damned fine technologies they produce.  C# is pretty
good, LINQ is fantastic and I would *love* to have something akin to
PowerShell for *nix platforms.  And F#?  Microsoft developing ML-style
programming languages for .Net?  How cool is that?

Thoughtlessly dismissing Microsoft technology or those who choose to
adopt it doesn't do anyone any good.  Mind you, I'm not keen to get
locked into a proprietary platform and if you had argued *that*, I
wouldn't have had much of a quibble.


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