"So the SOAP "stack" is a mess...

Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Tue Aug 14 09:48:44 BST 2007

* Ovid (publiustemp-londonpm at yahoo.com) [070814 07:59]:
> As for Microsoft, I don't particularly care for the *company*, but
> there are some damned fine technologies they produce.  C# is pretty
> good, LINQ is fantastic and I would *love* to have something akin to
> PowerShell for *nix platforms.  And F#?  Microsoft developing ML-style
> programming languages for .Net?  How cool is that?

Of course, they have also hired brilliant employees. SOAP (and WSDL)
however, in which they had a good hand, are very poorly designed and
described.  There are even many mistakes in their specs... take a look
at the "Basic Profile",
which is an attempt to plug the holes in the spec, and be horrified.

The problem of any monopolist organization, is that bad exponents
do not get corrected fast enough.  This gives them a bad name, although
they may do some good.

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