FastCGi on IIS... The tale of Microsoft and my new Perl Module...

Lyle - perl at
Wed Oct 24 12:58:32 BST 2007

Just a update for anyone who is interested, version 0.05 has just been 
released on CPAN. It now includes a symbol table clean so that global 
variables and imported packages are cleaned out each time the script is 
called. This gives normal cgi scripts that use this module a clean 
environment to run in.

Some script are working happily with this... Others I've tested gives an 
error such as:-
Error! Can't locate object method "FILENO" via package "FCGI::Stream" at 
c:/perl/lib/ line 794.

I've checked out and found some commented code to cover this. 
I've contacted Sven to see if he's willing to work with me on this 
issue. Any chance you are on here Sven?

On a side note the more I work with Perl modules that use C the more I 
feel the need to brush up my C, but I'll leave that to another post.


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