Domain registration front end

Toby Corkindale tjc at
Fri Oct 26 01:37:25 BST 2007

Simon Wilcox wrote:
> So Blackcat are going the way of the dodo
> This is a shame. We use their domain registration service and are really
> very happy with it although they have now stopped taking orders or
> renewals.
> So this prompts us to start thing about implementing our own and doing the
> registrar dance for ourselves.
> Can anyone recommend an off the shelf system, open source preferably but
> I'll pay for it if necessary, that will handle domain registrations,
> renewals, billing & DNS management ?

HSPComplete is written in Perl, runs on the LAMP stack, and
superficially seems to work quite well. It handles DNS related stuff,
and also virtual hosting, and has a fairly slick interface. It's
commercial software.

However I _cannot_ recommend it. Their SDK documentation is not just
bad, but actually quite incorrect in places - necessitating breaking
their source filter encryption in order to get to the source to correct
typos in their code.

I'm not sure if one should send patches against the plaintext code, or
the encrypted packages? :)

Meanwhile, it was at least an interesting foray into discovering how
source filters work.


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