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Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Tue Oct 30 10:50:38 GMT 2007

On 30/10/2007, Ismail, Rafiq (IT) <Rafiq.Ismail at> wrote:
> I subscribe to Dr. Dobbs and IEEE's Computing magazine.  Dr. Dobbs, is a
> 'VERY' good all round software engineering focussed publication and is
> actually great fun to read.  You're more 'likely' to see Perl acticles
> in Dr. Dobbs - although, not very sophisticated in Perl space, a very
> good read from a technological perspective.

By 'more likely' I assume you mean similar to the difference between
not buying a lottery ticket and buying one ;)

Dr Dobbs used to be a fun read, I lost interest about 3 years ago when
every issue was either entirely Java (and hence binned due to being
entirely obselete within 12 months with the next release) or .Net
(with the same problem, but instead of being free, it was proprietary
and expensive).


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