Andrew Betts andrew at
Thu Dec 20 23:53:24 GMT 2007

> Have you tried getting in touch with the cometd project which was originally
> founded by a JS person and a perl person[0] and seeing about working with them?

I'm not a great fan of cometd, mainly because you're essentially
locked into Dojo unless you implement the Bayeux protocol yourself in
javascript, which I felt was harder than necessary.  I just want a
tool that does a job well, without any dependencies or superfluous
functionality.  The parts of comet that are hard are pushing data to
the browser, and scaling.  Everything else is out of scope, in my
view, which means Bayeux is over the top in 90% of cases.

There are actually quite a number of comet server implementations
these days.  If I were to hang up my Meteor hat I'd probably jump on
the Orbited bandwagon (  But Meteor development is not
just academic - the Financial Times uses it, for example, and Simon
Willison cited it in his talk earlier this month at Yahoo's Web
Development Summit).

Incidentally it was the wads of cash that was the fib.  I'd concede
that street cred is questionable. :-)



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