introspection (and Perl 6)

Simon Cozens simon at
Thu Jan 24 08:20:09 GMT 2008

Matt Sergeant wrote:
> I'm not saying Perl6 is that way - I haven't written any code in it 
> either. But the examples I see on the web don't inspire confidence.

They're not meant to, though. At least the examples of Perl 6 I've seen on 
the web are all about showing off new features. I'm sure some people will 
want to try to put as many new features in a program as possible, but I 
still suspect that the majority of Perl 6 programs will look like Perl 5 in 
the same way as the majority of Perl 5 programs look like Perl 4.

Yes, this is a bit of a turnaround for me. But then, I'm now actually using 
the language, rather than what I was doing five years ago, which was not 
bothering to learn it but still saying how horrible it is anyway.

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