Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

Matt Sergeant msergeant at
Fri Jan 25 18:33:55 GMT 2008

On 25-Jan-08, at 1:03 PM, Jonathan Rockway wrote:

> Matt Sergeant <msergeant at> writes:
>> On 25-Jan-08, at 7:26 AM, Mark Overmeer wrote:
>>> You can run both on Parrot, and this way use the new language to
>>> extend your old code (with some limitations)
>> Can we stop saying this lie, and say: "You will be able to run both
>> on Parrot", or perhaps the more realistic: "You might be able to run
>> both on Parrot some day".
> I don't have a copy of parrot compiled right now, but I do have Pugs,
> and v5 inside v6 works fine:
>   pugs> { use v5; my @foo = (1,2); $foo[0] }

OK but I presume that's not Pugs interpreting Perl 5, that's calling  
out to the Perl5 engine. I suspect if Parrot does it the same is  
true. That's not what I would call "Perl 5 running on Parrot".


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