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Thu Apr 17 10:58:48 BST 2008

Chris Devers <cdevers at> [17-04-2008 00:59]:
> On Apr 16, 2008, at 7:05 PM, "Paul Makepeace" <paulm at> wrote:
>> What's the state of the art in terms of repeatably installing Perl
>> software? ...

Too many CPAN authors are trying to be smart in the {Makefile,Build}.PL,
so I'm sticking to *.spec files with custom build instructions -> RPM.
Many modules can be built correctly / properly with the *.PL / make
install DESTDIR=..., but not all of them.  This often works like a charm
instead of perl *.PL, if you're feeling too lazy to debug a long and
ugly build script:

  perl -MExtUtils::MakeMaker -e 'WriteMakefile(NAME=>"Foo::Bar")'

> Sadly, that doesn't help much on Red Hat variants or Macs... might be a starting point.
It's PLD-specific and I never tried it on other distribution, but that
should just be the matter of editing the Template::Toolkit bit in the
__DATA__.  Usage:

  $ Acme::Monkey
   -- searching for 'Acme-Monkey' on
   .. found
   .. processing /home/users/radek/tmp/Acme-Monkey-4.99
   .. writing to '/home/users/radek/tmp/perl-Acme-Monkey.spec'

  $ mv Acme-Monkey-4.99.tar.gz ~/rpm/SOURCES/

  $ rpmbuild -bb perl-Acme-Monkey.spec
  Wrote: /home/users/radek/rpm/RPMS/perl-Acme-Monkey-4.99-1.noarch.rpm

  $ rpm -qlp ~/rpm/RPMS/perl-Acme-Monkey-4.99-1.noarch.rpm                

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