adsl experiences request

Steve Mynott steve at
Sun Jun 29 13:22:16 BST 2008

David Cantrell wrote:

> I use Nildram, have done ever since ADSL was launched in this country.
> It works.  BUT I wouldn't recommend them.  I'm half-convinced that mine
> works because it was set up a long time ago by competent people and
> no-one has fucked with it since.  There's no way that I would trust
> Pipex's half-trained monkeys (or whoever it is that owns the Nildram
> brand these days) to get anything important right.

I recently had to call Nildram's user support and it turned out, as 
usual, to be BT's fault.

However, Nildram's user support were so unpleasant and unhelpful that I 
really wouldn't recommend them to a new user.

I've heard good things about Xen.


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