adsl experiences request

Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at
Sun Jun 29 15:25:38 BST 2008

I recommend Zen (I assume you meant them, not Xen?) and have used them 
for a couple of years with
no real problem. Helpline is pretty good and I have no complaints. Cost 
may be greater than others but
you only get what you pay for.

Any speed issues are not really related to the ISP but related to how 
far you are away from the BT

I think that where people get frustrated is the way that many ISPs quote 
'up-to 8Mbps'  when in fact
at peak periods it can be as low as 160Kbps for some people!


Steve Mynott wrote:
> David Cantrell wrote:
>> I use Nildram, have done ever since ADSL was launched in this country.
>> It works.  BUT I wouldn't recommend them.  I'm half-convinced that mine
>> works because it was set up a long time ago by competent people and
>> no-one has fucked with it since.  There's no way that I would trust
>> Pipex's half-trained monkeys (or whoever it is that owns the Nildram
>> brand these days) to get anything important right.
> I recently had to call Nildram's user support and it turned out, as 
> usual, to be BT's fault.
> However, Nildram's user support were so unpleasant and unhelpful that 
> I really wouldn't recommend them to a new user.
> I've heard good things about Xen.
> S

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