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Sun Jun 29 16:45:39 BST 2008

Used Be at 3 different places in South London. Have around 15Mb/s,
connection reliability of 99% although a few times the line dropped and I
had to reboot the wifi router provided for free. Support always got the
right answer to my questions. Fixed IP address for free, on request
(although print the config emails out from work once it's switched as
otherwise you'll get back home with no internet and no way to configure your
modem ;-)  but this applies to all providers). Cheap monthly bill for
unlimited download. 3 months notice to stop it, so no yearly contract crap
here. Basically I'm very happy with the deal.

Before that I used to be with PlusNet who were just great re: unlimited
download, uptime and such, but support had stopped being good 3 years ago,
when we had to sort out BT's usual "accidental" blunders, in addition to
PlusNet forgetting to resend queries to BT, etc.

2008/6/29 Peter Corlett <abuse at>:

> On 29 Jun 2008, at 15:32, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> [...]
>> Not an answer to the question you really asked, but I recommend Zen,
>> they're not cheap.
> I found Zen's supposedly good support to be not terribly helpful. I don't
> expect the response to some carefully-collected logs over a few days to show
> what was clearly a BT-side fault to be a form response telling me to turn my
> router off and on again and similar facile suggestions.
> Which is why I'm now a Webtapestry customer. The service is just as good as
> Zen, but slightly cheaper and comes with actual support.

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