Sagar R. Shah sagsshah at
Thu Jul 17 23:30:51 BST 2008

2008/7/17 James Laver <james.laver at>:
> On 17/7/08 06:29, "Sagar R. Shah" <sagsshah at> wrote:
>> If u're only processing a small set of data that'd probably be the way to go,
> Please try to use correct English. Perfection is not required, but "u're" is
> unacceptable to most people.

What's your problem James? Define "most"? Have you actually carried
out a statistically significant survey? Anecdotally I would _guess_
there are probably more english typing texters in this country than
there are emailers and I would think a large proportion of the younger
generation of those texters would find the abbreviation perfectly

What some people (and I'm talking in general here rather than
specifically about you, whom I don't know)  do not understand is that
language is not a static thing, it continually evolves over the ages
and the use of contractions such as these are a sign of the times of
small keypads and busy lives. Evolution is a good thing not a bad
thing. Popularity decides what survives not the hurtful bullying of
statements like yours which mirrors (imho) the behaviour of early
christans in this country towards the more native religions such as
myrians ;-)

What I did is reply to a question in an effort to share my technical
experience. For you to pick out such a point and feel the need to make
an off topic comment such as this to a public forum is something that
I find not only petty and hurtful but also something that will
discourage the many lurkers on the mailing list from coming
out and joining threads every now and again.

I've got no intention of starting a flame war on this topic. You've
shared your "off topic" opinion in public and I've had a chance to
respond in my defence. Let's now agree to disagree and let the list
return to the topic of Perl.

A good evening to you sir.

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