health of Perl/Act

Karen Pauley karen at
Tue Aug 5 10:15:34 BST 2008

On Mon Aug  4 12:41:56 2008, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> > Maybe it's time to bring out the thumbscrews?
> hush, i'm already regreting not being there. copenhagen is one of my
> favourite cities in europe,
> actually, now that i think of it will Marty be there? last i heard he
> was in JP.

I think Marty did do the auction at one of YAPCs in the past but he
won't be attending this conference.  We are living in Japan and he can't
get the time out of work to attend.  

It think that Jose sent a message to the conference organisers a while
back when he saw Greg twitter that he wasn't going to the conference
this year.

All the best,


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