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Tue Oct 7 16:57:01 BST 2008

Simon Wilcox wrote:
> So my macbook died[1] and I need to get it fixed under applecare.
> Seems I can't just send it off, I have to choose an Authorised Service
> Provider in London to take/send it to.
> Now supposedly they'll all provide the same level of service but I'm
> betting that some are more equal than others.
> Anyone have recommendations/horror stories to share ?

FWIW, I got an extra month of free warranty out of the AppleCentre on
New Oxford Street many years back after a "coffee, meet laptop keyboard"
incident, so I've had a soft spot for them ever since.

Mind you, they did have to send it back to Ireland in the process,
though I suspect that might be Apple policy.

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