Cheap perl e-books

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Aug 27 13:21:24 BST 2009

On 25 Aug 2009, at 16:43, David Cantrell wrote:
> As an Experiment, Learning Perl and Mastering Perl are now USD9.99  in
> various electronickal formats.
> No, I don't remember what the user group discount code is.

The downside of ebooks is that they're a bit hard to read on the  
throne, and generally come in awkward formats, just to make them even  
less useful. Is there an ebook reader out yet that doesn't suck?

Then again, I generally swear off paper books for a while whenever  
I've just moved house and my arms are six inches longer from all the  
weight. For nearly a fortnight until something shiny shows up cheap on  

> Incidentally, you may have noticed that I've stopped wibbling about
> books being available for review.  That's because less than 5% of  
> review
> copies that I distributed actually got reviewed, and that's just  
> unfair
> on the publishers.

I, er, will get round to reviewing "Mastering Algorithms with Perl" at  
some point. I've only had it nine years... (Executive summary review:  
it has good coverage of a wide variety of general-purpose algorithms,  
but it appears to be pretty much the C algorithms book with the code  
examples translated into questionable Perl.) However, I reviewed one I  
paid for, so it hopefully cancels out.

Perhaps you should institute a policy that if a book isn't reviewed  
within a month, it should be handed back for somebody else to have a  
crack at it?

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