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Chris Jack chris_jack at
Fri Oct 23 12:15:51 BST 2009

Don't take this as legal advise, so without prejudice, and all that...

The one time I have had to sue someone for non-payment, what I recall happening is:

1) I sent the person a few letters/invoices requesting payment, getting no response.

2) I got a solicitor to send a letter requesting payment, getting no response.

3) Solicitor sent a letter threatening to wind the other person's company up if payment wasn't received, getting no response.

4) Solicitor put an advertisement in one of a set of standard newspapers/publications stating they were about to start winding up procedures.

5) The day the advertisement went in, the other person's company's bank accounts were frozen.

6) Later that afternoon, the other person paid me all the money owing plus my solicitor's fee


I still feel this urge to laugh when I read point 6 - but read points 1-3 again before concluding I'm a completely heartless b******d. I know you're looking for a cheap option, but getting a solicitor to send a few form letters is unlikely to cost you a bomb.

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