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Fri Nov 20 14:40:16 GMT 2009

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 01:04:55PM +0000, Mike Woods wrote:
> Abigail wrote:
> >I opened a bank account at Barclay's in 1996 when I spend a few months
> >in London. No problems at all. They didn't ask for a rental agreement
> >(I wasn't paying rent) or a mortgage statement (didn't own property).
> >Neither did I pay for utilities.
> Be careful if you go the barclays route, there have been a few horror 
> stories in recent years about employee's tacking on premium services to 
> new accounts without your prior consent.

That happened to me.  It got backed out pretty much immediately.  I
still use Barclays, partly (OK, mostly) out of laziness and inertia,
partly because their interwebnet banking Just Works, and at least a
little bit because their customer service isn't utterly shit.

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