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Mike Woods mike at
Fri Nov 20 15:48:11 GMT 2009

James Laver wrote:

> By no means unique to Barclays. I've got much worse horror stories
> about Natwest. Including the time I tried to close my account (oh,
> they *really* don't want to let you go).

It's interesting to see how this little thread of conversation has shown 
how a lot of these experiences vary, I suspect a lot of this stuff is 
down to who you get to talk to at the time, for example, NatWest, 
they've been my bank for years and they've always been helpfull, that 
said, they do like to give you overdraft facilities you've not asked 
for, not so much a problem reall since it doesn't cost anything, but it 
would be nice to be asked!

Mike Woods
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