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Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Mon Dec 14 16:52:35 GMT 2009

On Dec 14, 2009, at 4:09, Jurgen Pletinckx wrote:

> But what is the etiquette in these situations? I'd rather not reveal to them
> to what extent my friend is interested in the domains. To hide that I have
> to go through aliases or proxies. Which feels just a bit sordid, somehow...

1) Offer more money.  No reason to reveal who the real buyer is or what the domain is for.

2) Consider if the recipient is actually getting your message (assuming they're not responding).  There was an unused domain we wanted where we offered $1000 (or something like that) but never got a response.   Some time later the domain expired and we could get it for $70 or some such from the registrar that controlled the almost-deleted domain.

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