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Alexander Clouter alex at
Mon Apr 5 17:02:37 BST 2010

Simon Cozens <simon at> wrote:
> On 02/04/2010 12:05, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> A&A are penguin and daemon friendly, give you a static IPv4 allocation
>> (and as many IPv6 addresses as you can eat), are happy for you to run
>> your own servers from a residential broadband line, plus their support
>> are generally clueful.  I've been a happy customer for years.
> If you want clueful and free-software-friendly, there's UKFSN:
...hmmmmm, cannot say I was greatly impressed with them a few years 

Goscomb[1], not the cheapest (plus there is a cap, which the OP was not 
interested in), but you get IPv6 and multicast, and no sign of any 
traffic shapers that aggressively[2] seem to be at play on PlusNet links 
all day and on *everything* :-/


[2] TCP traceroutes are *very* telling, 2.5(!) seconds of added latency 
	on anything that they do not recognise :-/

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