learning / training in java perl programmer?

Peter Edwards peter at dragonstaff.co.uk
Sun Aug 1 11:11:45 BST 2010

On 31 July 2010 19:32, Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at gmail.com> wrote:

> That's about it, I was thinking I can bootstrap myself through the
> SCJP, and then invest serious time and money on the SCJD, possibly as
> part pof a new job (which is why I'm learning Java - lots of jobs
> using both or asking for at least 2 languages)

There are lots of mixed language environments now, using the best
tool/product for the job in different areas and talking HTTP between them.
We're using Perl backend, Java under Jetty for cometd messaging, a Java
servlet under Tomcat for Saxon XSLT, plenty of Javascript with Dojo in the
UI. We've also used services in Python on AppEngine.
In that situation you need capable programmers who are flexible enough to
pick up different toolsets, languages and libraries and make them work

Perl rates seem to have picked up a bit over the Summer though I reckon you
still get more as a contractor for Java than Perl



Java can be fairly frustrating compared to how easy it is to do stuff in
Perl. You picks your choice and takes yer money.

Cheers, Peter

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