Perl on a smartphone?

Steve Mynott steve at
Wed Mar 23 14:31:50 GMT 2011

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 09:49:56AM -0400, Chris Devers typed:

> On a "proper" computer, I'm generally happier typing to the thing to tell it
> what I want to do. But on something that small, whether with a touchscreen
> or a hardware keyboard, I'd find typing to get around to be an exercise in
> frustration, and so am just as happy to tap on icons on a touchscreen
> instead.

Which is exactly why anyone doing any serious programming on such a small
device would either cross develop on another platform, use an emulator
or use the keyboard on another system.

For example of the latter see the "Wifi keyboard" on the "F-droid"
GPL Android store.  Bluetooth keyboards may also work.

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