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On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 08:27:46PM +0400, Peter Vereshagin wrote:
> Como esta,
> 2011/05/25 11:44:16 +0100 David Cantrell <david at> => To Perl M[ou]ngers :
> DC> Some people want to work at home.  Some people work well at home.  Some
> DC> jobs are feasibly done working at home.  I see no reason why the
> DC> intersection of those three sets would be expected to be bigger for perl
> DC> than it would for C, or Java, or Python.
> I'd point the first probable one: TIMTOWDI leads to a kind of a very individual
> code style and design. Individual things use to be getting done better at home

Your humble opinion.  My humble opinion is that even if people have a
very individual coding style, then that doesn't necessarily mean that
they'll work best at home.  If I'm at work, I have easier access to
"stakeholders" and colleagues who I can ask questions, and I have fewer
distractions.  But, see, that's just me.  I won't generalise from that
to saying that "working from home doesn't work", even though that's the
case for me.  You should do likewise.

There's plenty of WTDI in other languages too.  In Java I'm sure people
can use all kinds of different libraries to achieve the same results, or
people could creatively abuse the C pre-processor in radically different

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