Anyone got a US iTunes account

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Sat Aug 27 14:25:31 BST 2011

  On 27/08/2011 13:15, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Does anyone have a) a PayPal account and b) a US based iTunes account from which they'd be prepared to send me a gift certificate?
It's an absolute pain, isn't it?

The US account must be against a card with a US billing address and 
phone number.

You're not the only person facing this brick wall.

The trouble is that whilst I'm sure that your request is genuine, it is 
so close to a Western Union fraud or a cheque overpayment fraud that you 
really want to be asking someone that already knows and trusts you.

I just bought a MacBook Pro from the the US store (because I needed it 
shipped to OWC in IL).  The system is so hard to get round that I ended 
up asking a favour from a friend who is a bank manager.  He changed the 
billing address on his own card(!)

The way to solve this would be to persuade Apple to accept pre-paid 
debit cards such as FairFX (that would remove their risk).

I have a route to the ear of an Apple board member and an amusing tale 
to tell him.  It'll take a bit of time but I'll see if I can solve the 
underlying problem.

Out of interest, why do you want to buy from the US iTunes rather than 
the UK?


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