Perl e-commerce?

Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at
Wed Sep 14 10:11:37 BST 2011

Hello all,
I was looking around at popular e-commerce setups like Magento
and Zend Cart. And I realised most of these are PHP based, for
whatever reason.

Is there a (decent, maintained) Perl-based e-commerce platform
out there?

I've found lists of "scripts" (as they called them) for things like
groupin clones, pay button scripts, and things like Aardvark... but
there isn't much information about what all comes with this, and the
information I do find is pretty old (2004). Also preferably free and
open source, unless there's a really good paid-for or closed version. 

I can find plenty of, for example, shops running Magento and I can
see (as a user) what all comes with that. 

Can someone point me to a site or resource that really compares
Perl e-commerce packages to these popular PHP ones? Something
that describes all that they come with and what merchants can and
cannot do with them, without having to actually install all of these
and try setting them up just to see?  Like, a review site.


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