Where are the Perl Wordpresses, the Drupals, the Joomlas? (was Perl e-commerce?)

Zbigniew Łukasiak zzbbyy at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 08:50:37 BST 2011

It's worth noting that Wordpress was at least initially perceived to
be a 'free' answer to, then dominating, Perl based MovableType.
MovableType is now GPL
(https://github.com/movabletype/movabletype/blob/master/COPYING) - so
why it did not gain back at least some of Wordpress popularity?
Shared hosting is probably the main reason - but surely not the only

I have my own hypothesis that maybe Perl applications would be more
popular, at least among Perl programmers, if they were more like perl
modules.  If you could just 'cpanm My::App' and then 'run_in_plack
My::App' to check it out.  The problem here is with packaging all the
non-code stuff into the distribution to make the application fully
encapsulated.  There is File::ShareDir for this - but it is not very
popular and what follows it has still some rough edges (like using it
when running the tests), and there are multiple other problems that
wait for good solutions.   I am working on this in my own blog engine:

You can run Nblog with L<plackup> from a following simple app.psgi file,
it will use the default config with a in-memory database:

use Nblog;

my $app = Nblog->new_with_config();


Zbigniew Lukasiak

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