Where are the Perl Wordpresses, the Drupals, the Joomlas? (was Perl e-commerce?)

Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at stommepoes.nl
Fri Sep 16 09:25:52 BST 2011

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 09:50:37AM +0200, Zbigniew Łukasiak wrote:
> It's worth noting that Wordpress was at least initially perceived to
> be a 'free' answer to, then dominating, Perl based MovableType.
> MovableType is now GPL
> (https://github.com/movabletype/movabletype/blob/master/COPYING) - so
> why it did not gain back at least some of Wordpress popularity?
> Shared hosting is probably the main reason - but surely not the only
> one.

Well, there'd be at least two parties involved much of the time who
decide what to use for what.

For simple blogging software and whatnot, Wordpress is touted for
several things:
1, of course it's free. This is almost a minor point with powerful
stuff like Drupal also being free though, along with a bazillion
other OS platforms.
2, it's touted as easy, and this is partially because WP started
out as very limited. A sort of Bloxom/Jekyll-ish thing. It's much
bigger by now, people are even trying to use it for e-commerce, but
it has that simple roots.
3, themes. People who know little more than the WP system itself
and know a graphics program make, for fun, for free, and sometimes
for profit, WP themes. So it's both attracting themers AND end-users
like that if they don't like one theme, there are a bazillion others
to choose from. 

MT seems more complicated overall that WP. 

Now, Drupal is hideously complicated. People are willing to learn
it because they hear it's powerful. Maybe that would be MT's selling
point more?
> I have my own hypothesis that maybe Perl applications would be more
> popular, at least among Perl programmers, if they were more like perl
> modules.  If you could just 'cpanm My::App' and then 'run_in_plack
> My::App' to check it out.  The problem here is with packaging all the
> non-code stuff into the distribution to make the application fully
> encapsulated.  There is File::ShareDir for this - but it is not very
> popular and what follows it has still some rough edges (like using it
> when running the tests), and there are multiple other problems that
> wait for good solutions.   I am working on this in my own blog engine:
> https://github.com/zby/Nblog

It would be good to know (from blog posts or something) what issues
someone comes across when they just want to get X up and running.

Does IronMan do topic initiatives? Like, get a bunch of people to
try doing X, and writing about their experiences? Kinda like that
post I read a while back on trying Stacato with ActiveState cloud
by Ricardo Signes.

This would point out various issues to anyone else who would be
interested in solving them, so people don't go fixing parts that
most found pretty easy.


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