Can I get some advice on best way to start Perl Programming

pierre masci piemas25 at
Fri Aug 31 23:18:04 BST 2012

i'm not sure which books to start with. i think i started with Learning

Do you speak any other programming language? Are you familiar with Object
Oriented programming?

I strongly recommend Perl Best Practices, once you know the basics and have
tried a few examples.
On 31 Aug 2012 22:55, "Mark Fowler" <mark at> wrote:

> On Friday, 31 August 2012 at 07:16, Rick Deller wrote:
> > Hi all,
> Hi Rick!  Good to have you on the mailing list!  (If it's not too much
> trouble would you mind not reply to existing emails when starting a new
> thread - it makes life ugly for the web archives and for people using
> threaded web clients as the mail gets put in the wrong place.)  I think
> it's awesome that a recruiter is actually interested in learning some of
> the skills they are recruiting about.
> > I have brought a couple of books on the subject which I'm reading through
> A good start!  What books did you buy?  There are good and there are bad
> books…and it's important to get the right ones (or at least the good ones.)
> Do you have any other programming experience in any other language?
> > I'm very keen to learn more and how to do it.  Can anyone suggest more
> books or another way of doing it ?
> I'm wondering if you found your way across to which
> has a collection of books, some examples, links to all the documentation
> and more.
> Do you have a programming environment set up (you know, Perl installed, an
> editor installed, etc, etc) or are you looking for any help with that too?
>  (If you don't it might be useful for you to tell us if you're using
> Windows or a Mac, or something else…)
> Of course the best way to learn programming is to pick a (simple) problem
> and try to solve it.  And ask lots of questions.  There's the #perl-learn
> irc channel for interactive help.  In the worst case if you get stuck feel
> free to email me directly.
> Mark.

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