Get Yourself In The Perl Companies Database

Denny 2013 at
Thu May 30 20:48:20 BST 2013

Hi Jeff,

On Thu, 2013-05-30 at 12:08 -0700, Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer wrote:
> Vicky Brasseur has started a project on GitHub to collect information
> about companies that use Perl at
>  I think this could be a
> huge asset to the Perl community.  Just knowing who uses the language
> is immensely helpful to job seekers, managers, module authors,
> language maintainers, conference organizers, and entrepreneurs.
> The database has already been seeded with information extracted from
> several years of job postings.  So if your company is listed, please
> make sure the information is correct.  And if it's not listed, then
> feel free to add it.  All you have to do is fork and make a pull
> request.  You can just edit the file in your browser at
> too.

This is a _very_ recruitment-focused CSV file at present - the only data
it contains is company name, location (in a weird format), and whether
they're hiring or not.  I'm very reluctant to mark my company as
'dormant' or 'inactive' on a list of "information about companies that
use Perl" just because we're not hiring.


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