filesystems for external drivesx

Nicholas Clark nick at
Fri Nov 1 13:30:57 GMT 2013

Dear knowledgeable hive mind,

1) I can mount NTFS read/write on Linux. But is there any good way on Linux
   to correctly copy files from one NTFS file system to another, preserving
   everything? (specifically Alternate Data Streams, which I see that I have
   here, when I mount said file system read-only on OS X)
2) Is there any sane choice of file system to use which will mount read/write
   on both Linux and OS X, and support at least basic POSIX features?
   (ownership, permissions, hard links) (on Snow Leopard, if it matters)
3) Is there any Linux equivalent to OS X sparse bundles?
   (And if the answer to that is yes, I guess it mostly doesn't matter, as one
   just formats the disk as FAT32, and makes images on top of it)

It's turning out to be impressively hard to Google* for any of these.

Nicholas Clark

* Am I using the wrong search engine?

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