filesystems for external drivesx

William Blunn at
Fri Nov 1 17:50:04 GMT 2013

I bought a "Samsung" M3 1TB USB3 HDD for £54.40. (It was, and is, the 
top search hit on Amazon for "external hard drive".)

On the box it pointed me at URL where I could download a free NTFS 
driver for OSX.

Turns out it was a restricted version of Paragon NTFS for Mac which only 
works for certain models of external hard drive.

It worked OK for me on an OS X 10.7. (I no longer have any OS X machines.)

I have since used the same drive with Windows and Linux and it all seems 
to work.

Though I can't speak for POSIX permissions etc. (I don't tend to bother 
with permissions on external devices.)



On 01/11/2013 13:30, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> Dear knowledgeable hive mind,
> 1) I can mount NTFS read/write on Linux. But is there any good way on Linux
>     to correctly copy files from one NTFS file system to another, preserving
>     everything? (specifically Alternate Data Streams, which I see that I have
>     here, when I mount said file system read-only on OS X)
> 2) Is there any sane choice of file system to use which will mount read/write
>     on both Linux and OS X, and support at least basic POSIX features?
>     (ownership, permissions, hard links) (on Snow Leopard, if it matters)
> 3) Is there any Linux equivalent to OS X sparse bundles?
>     (And if the answer to that is yes, I guess it mostly doesn't matter, as one
>     just formats the disk as FAT32, and makes images on top of it)
> It's turning out to be impressively hard to Google* for any of these.
> Nicholas Clark
> * Am I using the wrong search engine?

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