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Sat Jan 18 11:32:29 GMT 2014

Op 18 jan. 2014, om 11:58 heeft Steve Mynott het volgende geschreven:

> On 18 January 2014 10:31, Simon Cozens <simon at> wrote:
>> On 18/01/2014 02:48, William Blunn wrote:
>>> no-administrator-access
>> "I don't trust you".
>>> Windows
>> "I don't like you".
>> If you're trying to develop software in such a hostile environment, no
>> amount of support from the editor is going to help you.
> Welcome to 2014.  I work in the same environment as do the majority of
> people who work commercially in large companies as opposed to hobbyist
> programmers at home.

not knowing you personally, I do take this quite offensive.

> To me a locked down Windows desktop without local admin access is no
> obstacle since all I need is a browser (Firefox portable) and SSH
> client (putty) to access a UNIX system where I do have root access.

as if 'using a crappy windows environment' is a sign of professionalism
as opposed to
tons of programmers and developers that actually maintain Perl itself and the bulk amount of CPAN
that either work on their fancy MacBooks
or work on some Linux configure laptop with multiple VMs

> I've even successfully ran a Linux guest on QEMU on a Windows host
> without local admin access.  Working around these restrictions can
> even be fun.
> I have developed Perl code on and targeted at Windows but don't
> believe it's a common use case.
> Anyway why are we still arguing about paintbrushes rather than
> building a new bike shed to replace the one which is showing signs of
> collapse?

Which Bike-shed?
Perl itself?

> S

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