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Abigail abigail at
Sat Jan 18 11:50:14 GMT 2014

On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 12:32:29PM +0100, Th. J. van Hoesel wrote:
> Op 18 jan. 2014, om 11:58 heeft Steve Mynott het volgende geschreven:
> > On 18 January 2014 10:31, Simon Cozens <simon at> wrote:
> >> On 18/01/2014 02:48, William Blunn wrote:
> >>> 
> >>> no-administrator-access
> >> 
> >> 
> >> "I don't trust you".
> >> 
> >>> Windows
> >> 
> >> 
> >> "I don't like you".
> >> 
> >> If you're trying to develop software in such a hostile environment, no
> >> amount of support from the editor is going to help you.
> > 
> > Welcome to 2014.  I work in the same environment as do the majority of
> > people who work commercially in large companies as opposed to hobbyist
> > programmers at home.
> not knowing you personally, I do take this quite offensive.

Why? And so what? 

> > To me a locked down Windows desktop without local admin access is no
> > obstacle since all I need is a browser (Firefox portable) and SSH
> > client (putty) to access a UNIX system where I do have root access.
> as if 'using a crappy windows environment' is a sign of professionalism
> as opposed to
> tons of programmers and developers that actually maintain Perl itself and the bulk amount of CPAN
> that either work on their fancy MacBooks
> or work on some Linux configure laptop with multiple VMs

I don't know what professionalisme is, but I doubt it's criticizing
someone who doesn't complain about being forced to use a "crappy windows
environment", but rather states how he deals with it.

I also don't think it's proffessional if you start your sentences with
a lowercase letter, and format your paragraphs using both very short and
overly long lines.

I also don't get the idea that Perl programmers should use the same
environments as the majority of the people maintaining perl do. Does
that mean that if I don't wear a white jacket while eating meat, isn't
professional, because butchers typically do? 


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